Subbu Allamaraju

Vice President Technology at Expedia, Inc.

Subbu Allamaraju is a technologist fascinated by large ambiguous problems and the learning opportunities such problems present. He is passionate about all things related to cloud, infrastructure, platforms, operations, the intersection of culture and technology, and the evolution of cloud native technologies and architectures.

At Expedia, Subbu is leading a large-scale migration of Expedia’s travel platforms from enterprise data centers to a highly available architecture on the cloud.

Before joining Expedia, as a Distinguished Engineer at eBay Inc., Subbu helped build private cloud infrastructure and platforms for eBay and PayPal.

Subbu is an engineer well-rounded in product development, architecture, distributed systems, services, Internet protocols, operations, and cloud. Over the past several years, he helped build and empower several engineering and operations teams in these areas.

Subbu is an occasional blogger and speaker at technology conferences, and has published books on REST and server-side programming in Java. You can follow his activities at and @sallamar on Twitter.

Day 1 - Tuesday 26th March 2019

Cloud plenary session

Leading a transformation

Subbu Allamaraju, leads the large-scale migration of Expedia's travel platforms from enterprise data centres to a highly available architecture on the cloud. Learn first-hand how one massive company has embarked on this journey and the learnings along the way.

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Join one of the Cloud deep-dive sessions to take a sneak peek at where some of our industry peers are taking cloud capabilities.

2. Taming the Rate of Change

How to bring in safety back into an organizational culture when the contemporary patterns used to increase the rate of change also contribute to increased fragility? In this talk, we will look at contributing factors, the limits of chaos testing, and patterns and practices needed to support a high rate of change while also maintaining system safety.

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Plenary session

Meet the Transformers

Five entrepreneurial, travel startups will be pitching their innovations in a quick-fire presentation with a chance for a jury of experts to challenge them before voting for the prize winner!