Rafael Achaerandio

Head of Azure Dev Advocacy & App Innovation Cloud Sales, Microsoft

Work to make others really cool by empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more with Azure Cloud + AI and Open Source. 

Head of Open Source, Application Innovation & Dev Advocacy for Microsoft Azure in Western Europe. Open Innovation and Digital advocate, more than 20 years of international experience in business strategy, entrepreneurship, business development, management as a seller & marketer. Passion for Blockchain, Open Source, Artificial Intelligence Apps, Serverless and Digital value chains and ecosystems.  MBA from IESE Business School, MsEE, and BSc in Economics. Married with three children, two of them twins.


Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

From AI to cognitive applications to real-time streaming and hardware acceleration. These topics are just a sample of those that will be center-stage at the Intelligence deep-dive sessions.

3. Transforming businesses and industries with Microsoft Azure Cloud + AI

Learn what digital transformation means, and how Microsoft is helping customers and partners to transform their culture, products, customer relations and process with our Cloud + AI platform Azure. Will provide Microsoft Cloud + AI platform vision, principles to drive intelligence, both make your apps and services intelligent easily leveraging our Cognitive services: Vision, speech, language, search, etc. or the more sophisticated machine learning/deep learning customized AI algorithms. You will learn how companies like Uber, UPS, Carnival Maritime are using Microsoft AI to transform and digitalize their business and we will have an open discussion on how to implement AI in your business, where to start and key practical use cases for your organization.