Perry Krug

Architect in the Office of the CTO, Couchbase

Perry Krug is an Architect in the office of the CTO and general customer advocate for Couchbase.  

Perry has worked with hundreds of users and companies to deploy, manage and maintain their installations of Couchbase's NoSQL database technology, ranging from single-node deployments to large-scale clusters with billions of records.  Perry is the conduit between customers and the engineering team, providing the much needed flow of communication for both sides to work efficiently.  He has been with Couchbase for over 8 years, and has been working with high performance caching and database systems for over 12. 

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Plenary session

Travel Runs on Data

From the very first look, all the way through the book, reservation, check-in, check-out and ride home, we as providers have an enormous opportunity. Hear how industry leaders are capturing, storing, processing and serving data to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

From AI to cognitive applications to real-time streaming and hardware acceleration. These topics are just a sample of those that will be center-stage at the Intelligence deep-dive sessions.

1. Big Data too slow? Sprinkle in some NoSQL

Who wants to see an ad today for the flight they bought last week? Everyone knows that customer experience is driven by data: don't waste an opportunity to get them the right data at the right time. Real-time results are critical, but raw speed isn't everything: you need power and flexibility to react to changes on the fly. Come learn how market-leading enterprises are using Couchbase as their speed layer for ingestion, incremental view and presentation layers alongside Kafka, Spark and Hadoop to liberate their data lakes.