Matthieu Debeaux

Global Customer Engineer at Google Cloud

Matthieu started his Global Customer Engineer role in the Travel and Transport vertical in April 2017. 

He has been working with Amadeus since December 2017 to help shape the cloud transformation. Prior to joining Google, Matthieu worked for 7 years at IBM as technical consultant and technical pre-sales.

Day 1 - Tuesday 26th March 2019

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Join one of the Cloud deep-dive sessions to take a sneak peek at where some of our industry peers are taking cloud capabilities.

1. Emerging trends and Open Source in the Cloud

In this session, we will present some of the emergent trends in Enterprise Application Architecture. We will brush through the various aspects of computing at scale, global architectures and real time data analytics and shed some light on how Open Source plays a key role by providing core components supported by large communities.