Louis Vieille-Cessay

PreSales Manager, Security, Risk & Governance, France & BeLux at Micro Focus

Louis joined Micro Focus through the HPE Software spin-merge in September 2017. Since 2011, Louis has held multiple sales, technical and business development roles in our security risk and governance product group. 

He currently leads the technical consulting team for Micro Focus Security, Risk & Governance Solutions in France and BeLux.

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Security deep-dive sessions

Security deep-dive sessions

Speakers from across the industry will discuss what our customers expect in terms of security. We’ll be looking at trade-offs and seeing how advances in Blockchain, traveler identity and data protection can open opportunities but also create new risks and demands.

5. Proactively protect your organization by securing your systems

Travelling requires bringing multiple services together and selling a combined package requires a considerable amount of trust between vendors. In today’s IT driven environment this trust largely rests on counterparties proactively securing their IT systems and connections. With the increasing demand by customers for evermore services, applications and systems are continuously updated as organizations engage in Digital transformations. Considering that 90% of cyberattacks leverage vulnerabilities in application code at some point and an estimated 80% of applications contain at least one vulnerability; application security is one of the key areas to engage in when proactively defending your organization. This session explores methodologies and tools that can be used to lower your breach risk through application security while, critically, not slowing down the pace of your application delivery.