Jerome Lecat

Chief Executive Officer at Scality

Jérôme Lecat is a serial entrepreneur and business angel with 20 years of internet infrastructure start-up experience. Jerome is the CEO and founder of a Information technology, data storage company Scality based in San Francisco, California that employs 200 people worldwide. He lives in Mill Valley with his wife Anna, also an entrepreneur, and children from where he actively works on creating links between the Silicon Valley and the French Tech scene. 

Day 1 - Tuesday 26th March 2019

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Join one of the Cloud deep-dive sessions to take a sneak peek at where some of our industry peers are taking cloud capabilities.

4. Digital Transformation: Can we afford data monopolies?

At a time where the world and business processes are moving to digital and always connected, new leaders will arise, and existing leaders will be challenged. Data is at the center of the transformation. In such a transition, how to we avoid monopolies to capture most of the value, and give the opportunity for every business to be competitive?