Florent Ramière

Systems Engineer at Confluent

Florent Ramière is a Systems Engineer at Confluent

Florent Ramière is passionate about technology and has more than twenty years of hands on experience in software development and project management. After co-founding the company Jaxio in France, Florent joined Confluent as a System Engineer where he helps companies build the best enterprise-class streaming data platform with Apache Kafka at its core.

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

From AI to cognitive applications to real-time streaming and hardware acceleration. These topics are just a sample of those that will be center-stage at the Intelligence deep-dive sessions.

2. Why event streaming is changing the world

In this talk we'll examine how Event Streaming affects the way we build software architectures and applications both now and in the future. We'll examine how the event driven model encourages new reactive powerful designs. We’ll show you how to provide agile data access to enable your data driven transformation. We’ll also explain how these notions can help to transform -without revolution- a product into a platform to host custom behavior/business in a serverless spirit via a symbiotic relationship with event stream processing. Event Streaming is fundamentally changing the way we approach data in contemporary applications. Come join the (r)evolution!