Dietmar Fauser

Senior Vice-President of Technology Platforms & Engineering (TPE), Amadeus

Dietmar Fauser was appointed Senior Vice President, Technology Platforms & Engineering in January 2019, becoming a member of the Amadeus Executive Committee. The TPE unit brings together development and operations teams around the DevOps concept. Its mission is to build and operate end-to-end platforms with automated integration and deployment capabilities, improving developers' productivity and operational performance.

Dietmar, who in his most recent role was VP of Core Platforms and Middleware (CPM), played a significant role in recent years supporting outgoing EVP Wolfgang Krips in building the new TPE organization. He also spent time developing and maintaining Amadeus’ cloud and technology platforms to focus on improving system responsiveness and performance.

Dietmar joined Amadeus in 1998 as a Senior Software Engineer. Among other roles, he was a director of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) division and part of the team that built the first Altéa product. He was appointed Vice-President Architecture, Quality and Governance (AQG) in 2013 to support transversal activities across R&D organizations on global development architecture, infrastructure, quality engineering and project management.

Prior to joining Amadeus, Dietmar was a software engineer at Sophis in Paris. Dietmar, a French-German dual national, holds an engineering degree in IT from the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt, Germany and undertook his final year at University XI in Paris.

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