Daniel Sanchez Reina

Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Daniel Sanchez Reina is a Research Director for Gartner's Leadership, Culture and People Dynamics team in the CIO Research group.

Mr. Sanchez Reina covers the complex challenges of High-Performing Teams, Organizational and Cultural Change, Leadership Skills and Competencies, and Digital Transformation initiatives. He provides research on a worldwide basis, advising clients on their specific needs to achieve sustainable growth.

Mr. Sanchez Reina brings to Gartner over 20 years of experience in delivering people and digital transformation initiatives in different industries. He worked as a CIO for Sony Europe (Consumer Electronics Industry) and Laboratorios Isdin (Pharmaceutical Industry), and he also has an extensive background as a consultant as well as an executive coach. He has published two books on leadership and high-performing teams.

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

People deep-dive sessions

People deep-dive sessions

Culture is what makes each technology company different. During the People deep-dive sessions we will explore what will the corporation of the future need to look like to survive or thrive in this digital era and how that reframes the conversation we're having in our organizations.

2. The art of culture hacking

What's the biggest barrier to change and transformation? According to CIOs, the resounding answer is culture, but that's not a very useful answer. Culture is big, unwieldy and hard to change. Most CIOs approach big change with big transformation efforts. We suggest you hack your culture instead.