Andrew Stein

Co-Founder, Chief Architect, Distil Networks

As reformed data scraper, Andrew now spends his time building out Distil Networks' bot blocking technology. With a focus on speed and effectiveness, Andrew is now helping make sure that billions of requests are served to humans and blocked from bots.

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Security deep-dive sessions

Security deep-dive sessions

Speakers from across the industry will discuss what our customers expect in terms of security. We’ll be looking at trade-offs and seeing how advances in Blockchain, traveler identity and data protection can open opportunities but also create new risks and demands.

2. The Future of Fraud Prevention

User Behavior Analytics. Learn how to stop fraudsters from wreaking havoc with your online assets. We will teach how to mitigate today the two main types of online fraud: automated threats, which are malicious robotic activities used for website reconnaissance, credential stuffing, account takeover and brute-force login pages; human-driven fraud, used to exploit compromised credentials and abuse online systems. As expert in bad bot mitigation, Distil Networks will join us to explain the latest technology trends used today to stop automated threats using machine learning. We will then talk about User Behavior Analytics (UBA) as key enabler for the future of fraud prevention and probably the best answer to detect fraud and rapidly stop bad actors based on behavior.