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Let the action begin

At T3CH, we will foster discussion between the travel industry transformers to ensure we make the right technology choices in the future. We will do this through a combination of keynote addresses, interactive debates, discussions and showcases, and we also have some great social events lined up to give everyone the opportunity to get together and enjoy the vibrant city of Madrid.

Day 1 - Tuesday 26th March 2019


Opening lunch & Innovation Hub

We will start with an opening lunch, a great opportunity for attendees to connect with over 150 senior technology leaders from a broad range of sectors of the travel industry’s ecosystem. Here you can visit the T3CH Innovation Hub.

Plenary session

Welcome to T3CH

Cloud plenary session

The Journey to Just in Time Everything

During this session we will hear about what solutions can the cloud offer to the industry's most pressing challenges.

Cloud plenary session

Leading a transformation

Subbu Allamaraju, leads the large-scale migration of Expedia's travel platforms from enterprise data centres to a highly available architecture on the cloud. Learn first-hand how one massive company has embarked on this journey and the learnings along the way.


Coffee Break & Innovation Hub

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Cloud deep-dive sessions

Join one of the Cloud deep-dive sessions to take a sneak peek at where some of our industry peers are taking cloud capabilities.

1. Emerging trends and Open Source in the Cloud

In this session, we will present some of the emergent trends in Enterprise Application Architecture. We will brush through the various aspects of computing at scale, global architectures and real time data analytics and shed some light on how Open Source plays a key role by providing core components supported by large communities.

2. Taming the Rate of Change

How to bring in safety back into an organizational culture when the contemporary patterns used to increase the rate of change also contribute to increased fragility? In this talk, we will look at contributing factors, the limits of chaos testing, and patterns and practices needed to support a high rate of change while also maintaining system safety.

3. Open source runs the cloud​

Leading IT analysts concur “the landscape of cloud adoption is one of hybrid clouds and multi clouds”. At Red Hat we completely agree. Open source technology provides a platform for imagination and is driving innovation in the cloud. Join Werner Knoblich in this keynote to understand how open source technology can help you unlock your organization’s potential because great things happen when people and ideas come together.

4. Digital Transformation: Can we afford data monopolies?

At a time where the world and business processes are moving to digital and always connected, new leaders will arise, and existing leaders will be challenged. Data is at the center of the transformation. In such a transition, how to we avoid monopolies to capture most of the value, and give the opportunity for every business to be competitive?

5. Zero downtime: Ultra-High Availability

Come hear how Amadeus is engineering solutions for very high-availability. Discover how this is related to evolutions of multi-datacenter topologies, clear choices in the consistency models, circuit-breaking mechanisms, advanced monitoring…


Innovation at speed

Are you getting the most out of your IT team? Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services reveals what those tough questions are that you need to be asking and taking back to your organizations.

Plenary session



T3CH Dinner

Meet friends old and new for dinner at a spectacular venue in the heart of Madrid

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th March 2019

Plenary session

Welcome back to T3CH

Plenary session

Meet the Transformers

Five entrepreneurial, travel startups will be pitching their innovations in a quick-fire presentation with a chance for a jury of experts to challenge them before voting for the prize winner!

Plenary session

Right of Boom - Responding to a Cyber Incident

Being resilient during a large scale cyber security incident is not something you are going to read in a book or learn from following a framework. It is a skill that as an executive you must learn and rehearse with your team.

Plenary session

Are your shields up? How to improve security in travel

In the travel industry, security is always at the top of everyone’s minds. In this fireside chat, Keren and Jeff will give us their views on the challenges, the opportunities and what we can do with new technologies to embrace security for today and for the future of travel.


Coffee Break & Innovation Hub

Security deep-dive sessions

Security deep-dive sessions

Speakers from across the industry will discuss what our customers expect in terms of security. We’ll be looking at trade-offs and seeing how advances in Blockchain, traveler identity and data protection can open opportunities but also create new risks and demands.

1. Your customer data has been posted on the Internet... now what?

This is an interactive exercise where we will walk the audience through a fictitious cyber security incident in real time as it unfolds. The audience will be asked to make decisions, to consider risks and ultimately recognize some of the many skills they will need as executives when responding to a cyber security incident. Bring your colleagues and let's see how you do in this gamified presentation.

2. The Future of Fraud Prevention

User Behavior Analytics. Learn how to stop fraudsters from wreaking havoc with your online assets. We will teach how to mitigate today the two main types of online fraud: automated threats, which are malicious robotic activities used for website reconnaissance, credential stuffing, account takeover and brute-force login pages; human-driven fraud, used to exploit compromised credentials and abuse online systems. As expert in bad bot mitigation, Distil Networks will join us to explain the latest technology trends used today to stop automated threats using machine learning. We will then talk about User Behavior Analytics (UBA) as key enabler for the future of fraud prevention and probably the best answer to detect fraud and rapidly stop bad actors based on behavior.

3. The Future of Travel Identity

Booking, check-in, passing security and boarders with no hassle. What if we could make travel abroad as simple as a walk in your neighbourhood? Amadeus together with IATA, the World Economic Forum and key ecosystem players in this area, like Verimi, are defining the future of identity management that will allow a frictionless and secure travel across the entire travel chain.

4. Blockchain, thinking outside the blocks

Blockchain has built the promise to change many aspects of our society. After months of exploration, what are the main challenges to a successfully wide adoption? How is it evolving? Experts on blockchain will share with you their insights and the potential for travel and beyond.

5. Proactively protect your organization by securing your systems

Travelling requires bringing multiple services together and selling a combined package requires a considerable amount of trust between vendors. In today’s IT driven environment this trust largely rests on counterparties proactively securing their IT systems and connections. With the increasing demand by customers for evermore services, applications and systems are continuously updated as organizations engage in Digital transformations. Considering that 90% of cyberattacks leverage vulnerabilities in application code at some point and an estimated 80% of applications contain at least one vulnerability; application security is one of the key areas to engage in when proactively defending your organization. This session explores methodologies and tools that can be used to lower your breach risk through application security while, critically, not slowing down the pace of your application delivery.

Plenary session

Do good or Do well?

The modern challenge of a CXO, in a world where human centricity drives platform and innovation needs is not how to deliver IT. Roles have changed, and it's now critical to begin with the journey of employees and customers alike, when assessing technology investment and impact.

Plenary session

Transforming Microsoft to empower our customers

Nicola will talk about the digital transformation Microsoft is going through to better empower its customers, share what led the company to engage on this journey, her experience leading the effort across a global organization and the lessons pulled from it.


Lunch & Innovation Hub

People deep-dive sessions

People deep-dive sessions

Culture is what makes each technology company different. During the People deep-dive sessions we will explore what will the corporation of the future need to look like to survive or thrive in this digital era and how that reframes the conversation we're having in our organizations.

1. Credibility, Capability and Impact: The key drivers of technology leaders

In this session we will dig a little deeper in the ideals of “do well” and “do good,” uncovering case studies from all manner of industries that talk about the challenges of IT leaders when faced with human expectation. From AI Healthcare to Smart Manufacturing, how we address the change in drivers for users and customers already puts us behind the curve. The advent of IoT and smart infrastructure only makes the requirements more broad, not less. Therefore “cloud” is no longer a simple answer to these ever evolving challenges. Business technology solutions must become more impactful.

2. The art of culture hacking

What's the biggest barrier to change and transformation? According to CIOs, the resounding answer is culture, but that's not a very useful answer. Culture is big, unwieldy and hard to change. Most CIOs approach big change with big transformation efforts. We suggest you hack your culture instead.

3. Source, screen and retain talented developers

With their international community of over 1.3 million developers, CodinGame help hundreds of companies source, screen and retain talented developers. Frederic is the co-founder and CEO of CodinGame. He’s a self-taught developer himself and has strong expertise in tech talent management. How do you find good developers? How do you identify them? How do you retain them? These are just a few of the questions Fred will address to help today’s new generation of tech leaders build great tech teams.

4. Air France KLM’s journey to become an agile company on a global scale

Tiddo and Koen will share the story of how Air France – KLM experienced its transformation to become a scaled agile company, using the SAFe framework with some twists. In particular, what lessons about leading such a change did they learn: •In record speed kick-starting 3 Agile Release Trains (ART) over the summer holiday period •Transforming the organization again by reshaping and doubling the number of ART’s •Creating a culture of continuous improvement and change throughout the entire company •Working across 2 companies with distinct profiles, across business units with different stakes, and different cultural backgrounds as a result.

Plenary session

Travel Runs on Data

From the very first look, all the way through the book, reservation, check-in, check-out and ride home, we as providers have an enormous opportunity. Hear how industry leaders are capturing, storing, processing and serving data to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Plenary session

Leveraging the brain power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in travel

Olaf Schnapauff, CTO at Amadeus, and his guests will debate about what can be done with AI & big data on steroids: at scale, distributed, customer-oriented.

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

Intelligence deep-dive sessions

From AI to cognitive applications to real-time streaming and hardware acceleration. These topics are just a sample of those that will be center-stage at the Intelligence deep-dive sessions.

1. Big Data too slow? Sprinkle in some NoSQL

Who wants to see an ad today for the flight they bought last week? Everyone knows that customer experience is driven by data: don't waste an opportunity to get them the right data at the right time. Real-time results are critical, but raw speed isn't everything: you need power and flexibility to react to changes on the fly. Come learn how market-leading enterprises are using Couchbase as their speed layer for ingestion, incremental view and presentation layers alongside Kafka, Spark and Hadoop to liberate their data lakes.

2. Why event streaming is changing the world

In this talk we'll examine how Event Streaming affects the way we build software architectures and applications both now and in the future. We'll examine how the event driven model encourages new reactive powerful designs. We’ll show you how to provide agile data access to enable your data driven transformation. We’ll also explain how these notions can help to transform -without revolution- a product into a platform to host custom behavior/business in a serverless spirit via a symbiotic relationship with event stream processing. Event Streaming is fundamentally changing the way we approach data in contemporary applications. Come join the (r)evolution!

3. Transforming businesses and industries with Microsoft Azure Cloud + AI

Learn what digital transformation means, and how Microsoft is helping customers and partners to transform their culture, products, customer relations and process with our Cloud + AI platform Azure. Will provide Microsoft Cloud + AI platform vision, principles to drive intelligence, both make your apps and services intelligent easily leveraging our Cognitive services: Vision, speech, language, search, etc. or the more sophisticated machine learning/deep learning customized AI algorithms. You will learn how companies like Uber, UPS, Carnival Maritime are using Microsoft AI to transform and digitalize their business and we will have an open discussion on how to implement AI in your business, where to start and key practical use cases for your organization.

4. Beyond Moore’s law, Hardware Acceleration

In recent years, the need for more computing power has exploded, triggered by breakthroughs in machine learning, data mining, genetics, etc. For decades, the answer to speed up the microprocessors was to increase computing frequency. Since computing power started to plateau, manufacturers have used different means to increase the capabilities of their chips, such as adding additional cores to facilitate parallel computing, or hardware such as GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to accelerate specific algorithms, and lately FPGA or ASICs. In this talk you will learn how hardware is evolving and why conventional computing platforms are in the process of disappearing and being replaced with specialized architectures. The talk will cover several examples and outline several steps that organizations need to take in order to prepare themselves for these changes.

5. The brains behind Artificial Intelligence

An insight into Amadeus AI exploratory research program. From the state of the art to business applications. How AI can improve conversion, and also airport and airline operations and performance. Focus on some projects like customer choice modelling, recommender system, generative adversarial networks and deep reinforcement learning applied to revenue management.


Coffee break & Innovation Hub

Plenary session

And the winner is...

We will announce the winning Transformer Pitch!

Plenary session

Transforming Tomorrow's Travel

We will close the conference reflecting on how we are all Transforming Tomorrow’s Travel.

Plenary session

T3CH Closing


Closing Cocktail Reception

The closing cocktail is the final networking event of T3CH. It will take place in the Innovation Hub. Leave with a lasting impression!


The transformers

Start-ups, the transformers of our industry, have become a significant part of the technology ecosystem of all sectors, especially travel.  From online travel agencies and low cost carriers, to Uber and Airbnb.  Start-ups have transformed the way we purchase and experience travel.

At T3CH, we will showcase 5 outstanding start-ups relevant to the travel industry, applying new technology to solve industrial problems. They will be pitching live on stage, supported by live demos, and followed by a Q&A session with a jury of industry experts & audience participation.

Attendees will be inspired by fresh perspectives and the latest ideas being developed in the technology sector and will have the opportunity to engage with the high potential companies selected to participate at T3CH.


Startups at T3CH


Avuxi offers a worldwide location rating system, rating the popularity of every place on Earth. It allows to display on a map the best areas by chosen category, points of interest, and public transport availability.


Fluo is a B2B and B2C app that allows users to buy exactly the insurance product they need based both on requests and the coverage already included in their payment cards and other contracts.

Sift science

Sift Science applies insights from a global network of data to detect fraud and increase positive user experience.

Splitty Travel

Splitty Travel is a booking platform that detects and offers its users reduced prices for hotel deals by searching for any combination of deals within the complex booking and pricing systems.


Volantio is a technology services company focused on increasing asset utilization and customer experience for airlines around the world.